Thomas Baker

Dr. Thomas A. Baker III (, @DrTab3) is a tenured Professor of Sport Law at the International Center for Sport Management (ICSM), University of Georgia. Dr. Baker is the Editor of the Journal of Legal Aspects of Sport and a contributing author on sports law for Forbes. He is also the Co-Director for the Sport Economics and Law (SEL) Lab that has research centers in both the United States and China. in Dr. Baker received his Ph.D. from the University of Florida and earned his J.D. from Loyola University of New Orleans School of Law, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class and earned the distinction of William L. Crowe Scholar.

His research focuses on the application of law to esports and within that he specializes in how commercial laws influence esports, such as legal issues concerning brand image/management and the regulation of marketing through advertisements and social media. In addition to that line, Dr. Baker also has conducted extensive research on sexual violence in sport. It is within this line that he has written articles on sexual abuse within esports as well as sexual harassment and other barriers to inclusion in esports. Dr. Baker has written more than 70 scholarly publications and is one of the more prolific writers on the legal regulation of esports. Dr. Baker has even co-authored a short treatise on esports and is currently working on a co-authored book on law and esports for the American Bar Association (ABA).